There is no better feeling than sitting with your sketchbook on your lap, the sun warming your back as you marvel at the brand new landscape before you. Stunning scenery, beautiful buildings, unusual sounds, sweet aromas carried on a balmy breeze… The stimulation of a different country can bring out the best in an artist — and that's why our painting workshop vacations are so popular. With world famous artists as tutors, we'll paint and sketch, go sightseeing, explore out-of-the-way places as well as the legendary sights of each country we visit. We'll sample local cuisine and talk to the people we meet on our travels, so you get the real traveller's experience. We have selected the very best painting locations and artists so that we can quickly get to work in a range of memorable painting spots.


“I can’t tell you how impressed I was. Having never been on a tour such as this I had no idea what to expect...I was more than happy with the whole experience...congratulations on an amazing team and amazing experience”

Glenys Narelle Holmes

“Amanda & Alex delightful as usual. Love watching Amanda paint. Geoff had everything running perfectly supported by Jan. Very helpful not having to carry our gear too far.”

Rayma Woodhouse

“After completing this trip I would definitely travel with Travelrite again as I felt everything lived up to the tour description and itinerary. Amanda was always checking everyone was okay and kept us informed at all times.”

Josephine Pinzone

“I had a fantastic time, learned lots and can’t wait to go on my next tour. Thank you”

Mark Stewart